Producer Process

Licensed producers whose cannabis products have passed the rigorous Cannabis Wise testing criteria will be awarded the Cannabis Wise seal and will be recognized as a certified producer of quality cannabis products. If you are a licensed producer of cannabis and wish to have your products Cannabis Wise certified, learn more below on how to apply.

  • 1Gather Documents
  • 2Complete Form
  • 3Processing Time
  • 4Approval

1Gather Documents

Gather Documents

In order for your products to become Cannabis Wise certified, you will need to confirm your status as a licensed producer as well as provide details of your company and products to be listed.

2Complete Form

Complete Form

Complete the form on our website.

3Processing Time

Processing Time

Once the submission form is completed and submitted, along with all required documentation, the certification process will begin. The estimated time to certification is 2-3 weeks.



Upon approval of Cannabis Wise Certification, you will receive confirmation of certification level along with your products listed on all Cannabis Wise channels.


Cannabis Wise has formed a product review panel and consumer guidance group responsible for assigning the Cannabis Wise seal of approval.

This is a national program and the designation will be available for products produced across Canada.

The program is designed to compliment existing regulatory systems, and the seal indicates which specific flowers have been grown, processed and cured in accordance with the traditional methods and quality standards observed by expert growers and breeders.

Define “craft” or “high quality” cannabis with specific scientifically determined markers.

Implement and officialize tasting as a useful and necessary component of cannabis flower quality assurance.

Preserve traditional production methods and product appreciation standards.

Get Started and apply to be Cannabis Wise certified!