At Cannabis Wise, we've formed a product review panel and consumer guidance group responsible for assigning the 'Cannabis Wise' seal of approval.

Designed to complement the existing regulatory federal system, Cannabis Wise certification indicates to the public which specific flowers have been grown, processed and cured to meet the traditional quality standards expected by the experienced consumer.

About Us

About Us

Everything we do at Cannabis Wise is quality-focused. Cannabis Wise has established a program of nationally recognized standards and best practices that will drive continual improvement in the cannabis industry. Our product quality certification program defines "craft" or "high quality" cannabis with specific scientifically determined markers.

Honesty, integrity, and quality, are ingrained in all Cannabis Wise business practices. Our standards and proficiency tests are created only by expert industry leaders.

At present, we're also developing a certification program for cannabis training courses which will be launched in the summer.

We'd like to acknowledge and thank NICHE Canada for their support in the development and launch of Cannabis Wise.
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How it Works

How it works

The Cannabis Wise standards include defining "craft" or "high quality" cannabis with specific scientifically determined markers. The program establishes clear quality parameters and provides the public with non-biased quality assessment reports.

Cannabis Wise is a voluntary program and all products will be reviewed by a panel of experts who remain anonymous. Applicants will provide batch specific terpene, cannabinoid and moisture content analysis from a Health Canada certified laboratory.

Once a sample has passed analytical testing and basic visual/olfactory analysis, it will be blind taste tested by at least one member of the Cannabis Wise tasting panel. Products that have passed eligibility standards and tastings will be given one of three Cannabis Wise certifications.

Product Quality Certification

Product Quality Certification

You must complete a separate application for each product you want certified. Before you begin, please ensure you have the most recent lab report for the product ready to attach and that you are familiar with the terpene content, growing method, feed regimen and processing methods.

Please read through our application guide before completing the form:
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Application Form

Product Certification Application

Once we receive your application and payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Please note that the average processing time for an application of a single product can take 2-3 months from the date of submission. This timeframe does not increase when submitting multiple products on the same date. Processing time will be reduced once a legally produced product can be purchased from recreational storefront facilities.

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