Quality Matters More than Ever Before

Our country has become the world’s largest national marketplace for legal recreational cannabis. Consumers are presented with a plethora of product options to fill up their shopping carts. For example, the BC online site listed 99 varieties of dried cannabis, 25 types of pre-rolled joints and 20 oil products.

So, in this new era of legal access, how do companies stand out from the crowd? The answer lies in quality. There is currently no seal of approval to indicate to the public which cannabis products exceed the basic Health Canada standards of quality.

Consumers want to be more aware of the products they are consuming. They want reassurance. They want to be able to trust the products on the market and the companies that are selling it. They’re looking for credible information about which specific flowers have been grown, processed and cured to meet the traditional quality standards expected by expert growers and the experienced consumer.

It’s quality cannabis that will create that much sought-after customer loyalty.  But, it’s not enough to just produce a good quality product, people need to believe that quality exists. Companies must be active in contributing to perceptions of quality, because it is those perceptions that encourage people to choose one product over another.

It’s only a matter of time before consumers will demand independent testing and enhanced product quality standards. As more options become available, discerning consumers will look for quality assurance and they have a vested interest in knowing where their cannabis comes from. Unreliable and inconsistent strains will ultimately damage customer confidence and become harmful to a company’s bottom line.

And, that’s where Cannabis Wise comes in. Our product review panel and consumer guidance group is responsible for assigning the Cannabis Wise seal of approval for products grown across Canada.

The seal will let Canadian consumers know with certainty that products not only meet Health Canada’s strict safety standards but are also produced with the highest grade of quality.

The Cannabis Wise symbol will become recognized worldwide as a symbol of quality and trust. It will do for the cannabis industry, what VQA did for the wine industry in BC and Ontario.

Cannabis Wise standards include defining “craft” or “high quality” cannabis with specific scientifically determined markers. The program was developed to complement existing regulatory systems and establishes clear quality parameters and provides the public with non-biased quality assessment reports.

The program is voluntary and all products will be reviewed by a panel of experts using blind tasting methodology that eliminates bias. Applicants will provide batch specific terpene, cannabinoid and moisture content analysis from a Health Canada certified laboratory.

The nationally recognized standards and best practices will drive continual improvement in the industry, while providing cannabis producers with the opportunity to shine on a global scale and enter new markets with a strong degree of brand recognition.

We want to help consumers make their buying selection easier. We want to help companies build loyal customers.  And, we want to ensure that quality cannabis products are celebrated. By achieving these goals, we will build a stronger industry here in Canada and around the world.