Cannabis Wise Announces Partnership with BC Leader in Innovation

Cannabis Wise is proud to announce a new partnership with Vancouver-based Victory Square Technologies to help the company deliver Canada’s first national cannabis certification program.

“Our partnership with Victory Square is a natural fit because they are leaders in innovation. Their team is recognized around the world for driving influence and fostering growth,” says Barinder Rasode, co-founder of Cannabis Wise and CEO of the National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education (NICHE).

“Victory Square will help us unlock new potential and opportunities for the Cannabis Wise program. Their commitment to excellence will help us achieve our goals of creating a trusted brand and setting the global standard for cannabis quality,” says Rasode.

She adds that the BC Tech Association named Victory Square CEO Shafin Diamond Tejani as Person-of-the-Year at the 2017 Technology Impact Awards.

“Victory Square works with entrepreneurs who are making bold changes within their industry and we’re pleased to invest in the Cannabis Wise program,” says Victory Square CEO Shafin Diamond Tejani.

“What stood out about this particular company is their focus on quality assurance. Ensuring that product quality is of the utmost priority will help Canada remain a global leader in the cannabis sector. This will not only benefit Canadian consumers, it has the potential to impact the global market in a significant way,” says Tejani.

Cannabis Wise has formed a product review panel and consumer guidance group responsible for assigning the ‘Cannabis Wise’ seal of approval for products grown across Canada.

The voluntary program is designed to promote quality assurance and drive continual improvement in the cannabis industry. The seal will let Canadian consumers know with certainty that products not only meet Health Canada’s strict safety standards, but are also produced with the highest grade of quality.

Designed to complement the existing regulatory system, Cannabis Wise certification indicates to the public which specific flowers have been grown, processed and cured to meet the traditional quality standards expected by the experienced consumer.